Leith Sands

Leith Sands
Leith Sands

What if i said Leith has a beach?

Above is the little that remains of Leith Sands, a once long strip of beach that had historical significance. Home to horse racing, duels, pirate execution!

Perhaps once vast enough to rival Portobello, Leith Sands all but vanished during the creation of what is Scotland’s largest enclosed deep water port.

It is now inaccessible blocked of last year

Edinburgh Lock Down

As we slowly emerge from lock down, some restrictions are eased I managed to get a wee wander around the city. Still very quiet, very eerie, it seems somewhat Post-apocalyptic, yes one should stop being so melodramatic.

Most of the photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon, this would never be possible in normal circumstances.

The Innocent Railway Path

The Innocent Railway, opened in 1831 for the purpose of transporting coal from Dalkeith to Edinburgh. Called the Innocent Railway Path as it was originally horse-drawn in a time where steam dangerous were though of as dangerous.

Lothian Buses – Vintage Buses, Doors Open Day 2019

As part of the Doors open day 2019, as usual Lothian buses displayed some of their vintage buses on George street. Seeing some of the Madder/Maroon livery interiors one had a tang of nostalgia, below a small gallery of photos.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 – Fire Works

It’s the last Monday of August, so it’s the Usual Virgin Money Fireworks Concert, this year from Inverleith Park

The full album link

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Street Performer 2019 (part 10)

Unless I see something special tomorrow, this is the final post of the Edinburgh Festival street performers for 2019 – part 10! Taken 22nd August and 25th August.. past 10 posts, over 100 Photos.