20mph speed limit?

article taken from the EEN 28th May 2014

Council unveils city Centre 20mph speed limit plan

Speed limits on city centre streets are to be cut to 20 mph in a major rollout of the council’s successful pilot project.

Detailed plans costing an estimated £2.5 million have been revealed by transport bosses.

Speed limits on most main roads in the city centre, Leith, Stockbridge, West End and Southside, will all be be cut to 20mph.

The proposals also show speed limits on main routes in the south and west dropping from 40mph to 30mph.

Corstorphine and Portobello High Streets will also see 20mph speed limits introduced.

The plans will now go out for public consultation and subject to approval will be implemented in September 2015.

Full article from EEN link

Some places you’d be lucky to reach 20mph, the cynic in me thinks they are trying to slow down all modes of transport so that the trams seems like a reasonable option 😉 but hell I’m just a cynical wee Bstard

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