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Edinburgh Trams Start Date

Today we were given a date for when the first trams will carry their first passenger, the date is 31st May 2014.  Three years on from when they were first originally meant to be in operation.  incidentally the titanic was launched on the 31st May, so one must presume that Edinburgh council does indeed have a  sense of humor.  One line York place to the Airport, at a cost of Three quarters of a billion pounds, Worth it? probably not, sure the money would have been better spent else where, but that’s just me right? …… pffft

Snippet from Evening news below May 02 2014

Edinburgh’s trams will start carrying paying passengers on May 31.

The first passenger-carrying tram will leave the Gyle at 5am and head to York Place.

It is understood the opening ceremony will be deliberately low-key given the much-maligned project’s overblown budget and missed deadlines.


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