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Edinburgh Skyflyer – Finally?

Another shot of the Christmas Sky Flyer, Perhaps the last from Princes Street Gardens! As something peculiar happened this afternoon that left me somewhat bamboozled.

I was approached by two security staff, who clearly didn’t want to be there.

They Told me, ye cannae film here
Me – I’m not filming, it’s long exposure photography.

they had a somewhat confused look on their faces, after a few moments they responded with ‘Nah, you still cannae use a tripod, you must get permission from underbelly however can use the Christmas market area between the stalls’

They could not give me a reasonably answer why, that area is forbidden.

It’s all rather daft, as social media is full of similar shots – I myself have done this site 2013

it wont stop me – I’ll be back! 😉

Edinburgh Skyflyer

Edinburgh Skyflyer

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 – The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Its that time on the year it’s perfect to experiment with long exposure photos. FIrst shot as always – the Scott Monument with the Sky Flyer.

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 - The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 – The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Alas, my camera maximum is 15 seconds.. (time to upgrade ) I’ll upload more to my sites and social media over the next wee while. – constructive comments always welcome.

Edinburgh Festival 2017

The Edinburgh festivals have only but a few days left, hopefully you managed to get out and enjoy it.

amongst the plethora of street performers this guy plied his trade between the Old Town Venues.  A bloke called Tony Roberts from Australia, who emulated the sensational escape acts of Harry Houdini.  

Edinburgh Festival - Street Performer

Edinburgh Festival – Street Performer

Only Edinburgh during August is it perfectly normal to find people Eating fire, juggling machetes on a uni cycle, or perhaps sandwiched between beds of nails and or course wrapped in chains between a tennis racquet.

More Photos will follow later.. maybe.. 😉

2017 Floral Clock

The floral clock for 2017 is complete, this year it commemorates the Scotsman newspaper bicentenary. It’s an actual working clock, with a new design each summer. see the bird house, every hour a wee cuckoo pops out and does her calling. – it’s awfy nice 😊 (you can find this in West Princes Street Gardens next to The Mound entrance)

2017 Floral Clock

2017 Floral Clock

2017 Floral Clock

2017 Floral Clock

Edinburgh’s Ross Bandstand architects shortlisted – BBC News

Link from the auld bbc –  Seven shortlisted designs for the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street gardens.  We all know this wee place needs some TLC, some of the designs are just a tad horrendous. But I do like the Flanagan Lawrence design

It is hoped a new pavilion to replace Edinburgh’s Ross bandstand will revitalise West Princes Street Gardens.

Source: Edinburgh’s Ross Bandstand architects shortlisted – BBC News

But here is a better page with the entries

Edinburgh Christmas 2016 – It Starts

Well it’s that time of the year already… its flown past
so with the Christmas attractions out already, its time to experiment with some log exposure night shots… here is the Star Flyer.  Bit of a scunner, I cut the top of the Scott Monument off 🙁

Edinburgh Christmas 2016

Edinburgh Christmas 2016

Edinburgh Festival Fireworks concert 2016 – A wee Album

Here is a small album from last Mondays fireworks concert,  30 photos
taken from Castle street, Thankfully I arrived an hour before it all began, thus getting a pretty good vantage point.  This was my first attempt at shooting fireworks.

Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

And that’s it for 2016 – Haste ye back 2017

The culmination of the festival is a spectacular pyrotechnic fireworks concert…. the sky lights up in time to music from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra from, this all takes place from the castle, it  can be heard and seen from many places across the city

Edinburgh Festival 2016 - Fireworks

Edinburgh Festival 2016 – Fireworks

I have never attempted firework photos before, I did take many, oh so many!! 😉 I’ll upload a wee album soon as I can