John Livingston’s tomb Bruntsfield

Sometimes one never realizes whats so close.
Chamberlain Road in Bruntsfield there is a little picturesque garden, I pass it often but never venture in.

John Livingston's Tomb Garden

John Livingston’s Tomb Garden

Today I did, ‘lo and behold’ through the gateway I was surprised to find John Livingston’s tomb.
John Livingston was an apothecary, who acquired land in Greenhill in the 1630’s however he succumbed to the Black Death in 1645, as did much of Edinburgh.

John Livingston's Tomb

John Livingston’s Tomb

The Tombstone reads

This Saint whos Corps lyes buried heir
Let all posterties admoir
For upright lif in Godly feir.

When judgements did this land surround
He with God was walking found
For which from midst of feirs he’s cround.

Heir to be interred. Both he
And friends by Providence agrie
No Age shall los his memorie.

His age 53     Died 1645

John Livingston's Tomb

John Livingston’s Tomb

A scroll beats the words “Mors patet, Hora latet” this may be literally translated as “Death Reveals, the hour conceals” but the may mean “Death is sure, the Hour uncertain”

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