Edinburgh Skyflyer – Finally?

Another shot of the Christmas Sky Flyer, Perhaps the last from Princes Street Gardens! As something peculiar happened this afternoon that left me somewhat bamboozled.

I was approached by two security staff, who clearly didn’t want to be there.

They Told me, ye cannae film here
Me – I’m not filming, it’s long exposure photography.

they had a somewhat confused look on their faces, after a few moments they responded with ‘Nah, you still cannae use a tripod, you must get permission from underbelly however can use the Christmas market area between the stalls’

They could not give me a reasonably answer why, that area is forbidden.

It’s all rather daft, as social media is full of similar shots – I myself have done this site 2013

it wont stop me – I’ll be back! 😉

Edinburgh Skyflyer

Edinburgh Skyflyer

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