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Jawbone Arch removed from Edinburgh’s Meadows for repair work

Taken From BBC 18th July 2014

Plans have been announced to remove the Jawbone Arch from Edinburgh’s Meadows before repair work is carried out.

The arch, which has stood in the park for more than 100 years, will be taken into storage later this month.

It will then be dried and assessed by experts before preservation work begins.

The area surrounding the arch will be cleared of fencing for easy pedestrian and cycle access through the Meadows in time for the Festivals season.

The cost of repair work is estimated at £49,000, with more than half being provided by the City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh World Heritage.

Additional support from the Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council, the Grange Association, Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links, and a range of individuals, has also been pledged.

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10 reasons Edinburgh is the best city in the UK

From the Metro: –

For out of this world festivals, fireworks and food, head straight to Edinburgh. Here you will not only find its iconic castle overlooking that famous Georgian architecture, but also a whole host of hidden gems you might not have first associated with the Scottish capital.

Thanks to its beauty and cinema hits such as Sunshine on Leith, the city has the feel of a living, breathing film set…but to the delight of visitors and residents alike, Edinburgh’s shopping, dining and attractions are just as thrilling as its good looks.

1. It’s the number one festival city in the world
2. A food lover’s dream
3. City of literature
4. One great big movie location
5. It’s a city of layers
6. Edinburgh’s favourite tipple
7. Edinburgh’s secret gardens
8. A tail of two dogs
9. Independent fashion sense
10. We can’t get enough of the pyrotechnics

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What! Gin not Whisky?

whoda thunkd it!

I always thought whisky would be more popular, apparently not

IF THEY produced a food and drink version of Trivial Pursuit, this would make a great question, writes Stephen Jardine.

Which European city consumes the most gin per head of the population?

You might assume it would be cocktail-mad London or thirsty Barcelona but the answer is Edinburgh. That may seem surprising until you understand the city’s rich gin heritage.

Back in 1777 there were eight licensed distilleries and almost 400 illegal stills operating in Edinburgh and Leith. Edinburgh was a centre for gin excellence as well as consumption.

Scotsman Link 14th June 2014 – Clicky


Edinburgh voted one of world’s top ten cities

Article original published in the Scotsman 6th February 2014

EDINBURGH has been named as one of the world’s top ten cities to visit in a poll of the readers of travel magazine Wanderlust.

Edinburgh is one of only three European destination to make the list of top cities from a total of over 700 nominations. The Scottish capital came in eighth in the rankings, with Bagan in Myanmar (Burma) coming top of the rankings.

Scotland itself was also a vote-winner, coming in at number nine in the Top Country rankings.

Wanderlust’s editor-in-chief Lyn Hughes said: “I’m not surprised to see Scotland make the Top 10 Country list. It shares many things with the winner, Namibia, such as superb landscapes, accessible wilderness, good infrastructure, wildlife, and a wide range of adventures.”

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