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Edinburgh Castle Summer Sun

Another beautiful day out, and Jings it’s warm!

Edinburgh has a lot of green open space. Princes street Gardens, I also was sitting under a tree in the shadow of the castle, watching the world go by, it’s a very popular place and It’s awfy Bonny.

But it Wouldn’t have always been like this, up until the 19th century this was the castles northern-defence – aka the Nor’ Loch, and by all accounts a disgusting cesspool – it was polluted with wastage and where the guilty(?) were punished.

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 – The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Its that time on the year it’s perfect to experiment with long exposure photos. FIrst shot as always – the Scott Monument with the Sky Flyer.

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 - The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Edinburgh Christmas 2017 – The Scott Monument and the Sky Flyer

Alas, my camera maximum is 15 seconds.. (time to upgrade ) I’ll upload more to my sites and social media over the next wee while. – constructive comments always welcome.

Traffic Cones

What is it with traffic cones and statues? ah dinnae ken!
I blame Glasgow they started it with their Wellington Statue. 😉 (we love ya, honest)

But i’ve never understood the Scottish mentality of dunking traffic cones atop of statues, I know it’s also done around the rUK, but how about other European places, or are we just daft?

A few weeks ago I noticed David Hume had a new hat, well it was raining.

David Hume - Traffic Cone

David Hume – Traffic Cone

But today, jings crivens help ma boab! They’ve done it to Walter Scott. – to be hones, i’m a wee bitty impressed with this one

Walter Scott - Traffic Cone

Walter Scott – Traffic Cone

Fun fact, the Scott monument is the tallest monument to a writer in the world.

Portobello Beach Sunset

Taken Wednesday evening, Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach Edinburgh Sunset

Portobello Beach Edinburgh Sunset

I love the reflection on lights reflecting off the wet sand.
taken with a iPhone, I am always impressed the quality of photo from these devices.
some, many are actually better than my ‘real’ camera, not yet a DSLR, but I’ll upgrade soon.

Just wish I was more interested way back, as I think my composition/quality has improved
looking back through old photos, I always say/think I could now do so much better.

Old Town From Regent Road

today I present to you, the very beautiful view from Regent Road – Obviously not taken today, as it’s awfy dreich… it’s pishin doon!

A great view over the Old Town, the dominant Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags, with the Scottish Parliament peeping out the corner, the New Calton burial ground plus a fair bit more.

Old Town From Regent Road

Old Town From Regent Road

Edinburgh Castle From St Cuthbert’s Kirkyard

St Cuthbert's kirkyard and Edinburgh Castle

St Cuthbert’s kirkyard and Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh has many Gothic and spooky locations, here is a shot of Edinburgh Castle taken from St Cuthbert’s Kirkyard. (with a sepia tone added). St. Cuthbert’s Kirk is thought to be one the oldest site of worship in Edinburgh.

The graveyard of the ‘Kirk below the Castle’ is an intrinsic part of the story of Christianity in Scotland from the Dark Ages onwards, and its establishment during the 8th century predates the first records. Despite its busy city centre location, the site feels secluded and secret.

From http://www.ewht.org.uk