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Portobello Beach Sunset

Taken Wednesday evening, Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach Edinburgh Sunset

Portobello Beach Edinburgh Sunset

I love the reflection on lights reflecting off the wet sand.
taken with a iPhone, I am always impressed the quality of photo from these devices.
some, many are actually better than my ‘real’ camera, not yet a DSLR, but I’ll upgrade soon.

Just wish I was more interested way back, as I think my composition/quality has improved
looking back through old photos, I always say/think I could now do so much better.

Old Town From Regent Road

today I present to you, the very beautiful view from Regent Road – Obviously not taken today, as it’s awfy dreich… it’s pishin doon!

A great view over the Old Town, the dominant Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags, with the Scottish Parliament peeping out the corner, the New Calton burial ground plus a fair bit more.

Old Town From Regent Road

Old Town From Regent Road

Edinburgh Castle From St Cuthbert’s Kirkyard

St Cuthbert's kirkyard and Edinburgh Castle

St Cuthbert’s kirkyard and Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh has many Gothic and spooky locations, here is a shot of Edinburgh Castle taken from St Cuthbert’s Kirkyard. (with a sepia tone added). St. Cuthbert’s Kirk is thought to be one the oldest site of worship in Edinburgh.

The graveyard of the ‘Kirk below the Castle’ is an intrinsic part of the story of Christianity in Scotland from the Dark Ages onwards, and its establishment during the 8th century predates the first records. Despite its busy city centre location, the site feels secluded and secret.

From http://www.ewht.org.uk


Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

And that’s it for 2016 – Haste ye back 2017

The culmination of the festival is a spectacular pyrotechnic fireworks concert…. the sky lights up in time to music from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra from, this all takes place from the castle, it  can be heard and seen from many places across the city

Edinburgh Festival 2016 - Fireworks

Edinburgh Festival 2016 – Fireworks

I have never attempted firework photos before, I did take many, oh so many!! 😉 I’ll upload a wee album soon as I can

Edinburgh Festival 2016 – Street Performers

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is over for 2016!
During the month of August you will find a plethora of street performers around the city centre plying their trade.   Juggling fire seems to be one of the more popular acts, (I always think that juggling fire in Scotland is rather optimistic, as it does rains a lot) but some are more daring juggling dangerous weapons including chainsaws and machetes.   Unfortunately I only had the ooomph to get out and take photos towards the end.  Below is a small gallery of the performers that graced the streets of Edinburgh in August 2016.

Interestingly something else happened! The middle of the festival a Saturday afternoon I managed to walk the length of the High Street without being offered a single flyer, even after making eye contact.  Many will call me a liar, but it did indeed happen…. perhaps they just though there goes the grumpiest man in Edinburgh?  😉

Edinburgh flower clock 2015

This is the Edinburgh flower clock for 2015, this has been a feature of west Princes street gardens since 1903.  it has ~ 40,000 plants, with a new theme each summer, this years theme is to celebrate Edinburgh’s 10th anniversary as the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature.  there is also a small cuckoo that pops out every fifteen minutes

Edinburgh flower clock 2015

Edinburgh flower clock 2015

Greyfriars Bobby’s wee nose

Please leave Greyfriars Bobby’s wee nose alone, it isn’t tradition to rub the nose on this statue and I have no idea where this ‘tradition’ started.  No it won’t bring you any luck, you will just irritate the locals, Despite several paint (nose) jobs people still rub the poor wee dugs nose

Greyfriars Bobby’s wee nose

Greyfriars Bobby’s wee nose

Someone has put up a wee note, asking ‘please don’t touch my nose, love Bobby’

Greyfriars Bobby was a wee Skye terrier, legend has it after his owner John Grey died and burried in Greyfriars kirkyard, this loyal wee dug spent the rest of his life at his masters grave, a whole fourteen years.

So, yes…. please don’t rub Greyfriars Bobby’s wee nose, please! 🙂